Hulcote and Salford, Bedfordshire

Hulcote and Salford Lottery - ‘Our Village Lotto’ Rules

1. The Lotto shall be conducted in accordance with the rules relating to

         Small Lotteries in the Gambling Act 2005.


2. Membership shall be open to all.


3. A Draw shall be held monthly on the first Thursday of that month.


4. All numbers paid for by the last Friday of the month will be entered.


5. Payments are to be made by Standing Order.


6. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that their payments

        reach the Promoter by the last Friday of each month.


7. To save on administration costs, receipts will not be issued unless



8. Numbers will cost £1 each for a single, monthly draw, and any one

        member may purchase up to 100 numbers for each draw.


9. Numbers may be purchased at any time, subject to the overall limit of

        20,000 numbers not being subscribed.


10.  Numbers are allocated numerically by the Administrator and are

        held until the member withdraws their membership or fails to pay.


11.  It is the responsibility of a Member withdrawing from the Lotto to

        cancel the Standing Order with their bank.


12.  Prizes will be as follows:-

  • Cash Prize - 30% of the months gross subscriptions,

  • Voucher Prize - Swan.


13.  The results of the draw will be published monthly on the village website
 and in "The Informer".


14.   In the event of any query or dispute the decision of the organisers

         ‘Friends of Hulcote & Salford” will be final.


Promoter:- ‘Friends of Hulcote & Salford”, ‘Our Village Lotto’ is organised and run by Keith Butten (Church House, Hulcote) andLinda Butten (Church House, Hulcote)


Please refer to Our Village Lotto’ Overview' for details of The Purpose, Structure and How To Subscribe.