Hulcote and Salford, Bedfordshire


Hulcote and Salford Parish Council are preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for our village. The Neighbourhood Plan will help to shape the future of our community and once adopted will be an integral part of the policies used to assess future planning applications. We are at the early-stages of formulating our Neighbourhood Plan and part of that process is to identify sites that have potential for development.


To prepare a robust Neighbourhood Plan it is proposed to make a small housing allocation of up to 10 houses. This could be on more than one site, appropriately located within the Parish. Making a housing allocation will ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘positively prepared’ and meets the tests of ‘soundness’ required by National planning policies. Sites can also be put forward for other types of development, including employment, community and leisure uses. All suggested sites will be assessed against a standard methodology to assess positive and negative planning merits.

Below is the form to use if you have such a plot of land spare. The form should be completed and returned to Lyn Lyman ([email protected]) by no later than Monday 3rd September 2018.


You can print or download a copy of the form below using the drop down menu accessible at the bottom right of the window below.