Hulcote and Salford, Bedfordshire


The villages of Hulcote and Salford lie in the corner of South West Bedfordshire twelve miles west of Bedford and one mile from the busy M1 motorway and four and half miles from the new city of Milton Keynes with its modern shopping complex. The villages are in an agricultural setting with several scattered farms, gently undulating fields which are intensively farmed in a variety of ways.


The area is steeped in history. The name Salford derived from the Saxon Sealhford, meaning Willowford, became Saleford and eventually Salford. It is interesting to note that mention of an owner of the Manor of Salford was Nigel de Salford a l2th century benefactor. A water mill is known to have been at Salford in 1086 . A disused water mill remains on the same site which fell into disuse in the early 1960's. A school at Salford, built in l867 which closed in 1952 is now part of the Village Hall. The villages of Hulcote and Salford benefit from three Charities, which are now jointly administered. The Woodward Charity provides for a payment of £5 to school leavers. The Hervey Charity aids the poor and the main vilage charity, the Townlands Charity.







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